Education Ministry

  1.. To show GUMC’s commitment to and interest in the continued growth and development of
                        Its  youth.
2. To motivate and encourage students at GUMC from High School Graduation through four                          
                        years  of undergraduate studies and/or vocational school.     
3. To provide financial aid for students of GUMC as they begin studies at an undergraduate
                        School of higher learning and/or vocational school.
Eligibility for those entering First Year of College:
The student must currently be an active member of GUMC for a minimum of one year. As a  member of this congregation the student must have faithfully participated in the ministries of the Church through their prayers, presence and  service.  Ministries include Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF), Usher Board, Choir, Church School, Acolytes, Scouting, Sacred Dancers, Audio/Visual Team, Scripture Reading, or other___.
The student must show clear evidence of acceptance by an accredited post-secondary institution.
The student must provide two letters of recommendation which must be included with the scholarship application. One letter must be from the Guidance Counselor  or a Teacher, the second letter from a GUMC Ministry Leader.
The student must also provide documentation ( from the school’s registrar or bursar) verifying that he /she  is enrolled in the student’s college or vocational school.

Fleur Greene