Goal: Ensure that all servant leaders have a good working knowledge of what their individual ministries require them to do.

Objective:  Provide a forum in which the requirements are presented and discussed.

Goal:  Empower servant leaders to perform their ministries according to the guidelines of their various ministries.

Objective:  Enable the servant leaders to perform to the best of their ability by

quarterly training sessions - including group work, role plays, and discussions.

Training Resources:  The Holy Bible and other reading material specially geared for leadership development.

Reading Material helping lay servants to become cognizant of their gifts and graces (skills and talents) and how to apply them for the good of all.

Ways and means of listening and being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Writing exercises that require attentiveness to the Holy Spirit in order to accomplish particular assignments.

Sharing personal testimonies and experiences in our relationship with God.

Individual group work experiences helping participants to be team players.

Group dynamics requiring total participation of each person in a group.

Role playing to demonstrate what has been learned and how it is applied for utmost effectiveness.

 Dr. Melvin Hall, Coordinator
Co-Cordinators: Jo Golden, Andrea Rattray, Paulette Best

Dr. Melvin Hall